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My Bankruptcy School

This is a short letter to let you know enrollment in your Bankruptcy School was time well spent.  I would highly recommend your school to anyone wanting to learn this area of law. Although I have concentrated in Bankruptcy and Consumer protection for over 20 years, I hope to review the course modules again in the near future to learn even more.

 As you know, Bankruptcy cuts across almost all areas and facets of legal practice. Your course smoothly guides the user through the more difficult principles and steps with amazing clarity to make the same easy to understand and implement.

 Very few legal courses deliver as promised.  Yours does.  I was pleasantly surprised.   Anyone wanting to practice in this area of law – whether an attorney, paralegal or petition preparer -would be wise to use your school to learn the right way to prepare and handle a bankruptcy case competently.

 John Henry, Attorney at Law

The learning material provides an introduction on how to get started as a VBA.  There are product reviews of several bankruptcy software programs, client intake forms in English and Spanish, as well as detailed  information on how to market my VBA business.  This information gives me a strong competitive advantage,  so I can start my business with wisdom and confidence.  In addition, the customer service support from Kelly is the best in the business.  Kelly is a Paralegal, and an expert in her field.  She makes herself available to answer any questions I have about the learning material as well as questions as I begin preparing petitions for attorneys.  Her knowledge and generosity has been instrumental to my success. 

 The Voluntary Petition lessons gave me a complete working knowledge of how to translate the intake forms data and place it into Best Case software. I learned where to look on the forms for critical information such as the client’s personal information, filling data, and any prior bankruptcies. 


The videos showed me how to gather all the information correctly and efficiently, so I can reduce my margin of error, which in my opinion is the most critical part of becoming a successful VBA.

 The videos make it very easy to learn each section of the petition.  The videos are short and to the point, and I was able to go back and review them until I was clear of the concept. My bankruptcy school is the best attorney and VBA training course offered. 

Jo Rodriguez, Student


Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful on-line bankruptcy teaching program from  I signed up last Friday and I have found so much useful information that I can't wait to try some of it out.  I especially enjoy the way you present each of the videos with a relaxed and enjoyable manner.  Again, thanks and I'll keep in touch.

Wayne Kiser, Student

I enjoyed your materials immensely. The videos were in plain English, your lecture style kept me engaged, your materials are well organized and easy to understand, and your superior knowledge about bankruptcy showed. After watching one of your videos, I was able to design my own website which was one of my proudest moments as a student. Even my family and friends love my site at  It is nothing fancy but gives me an online presence and I am constantly editing and adding information.

One of my friends who has been practicing bankruptcy law for about 3 years was astonished with my level of knowledge and comfort with the bankruptcy process. Clearly, attending My Bankruptcy School was a wise decision. When I sing your praises to other young attorneys they appear hesitant to purchase your materials when I tell them you are a "paralegal". It is unfortunate that something so simple would keep them from expanding and educating themselves.

Monica T. McWhite, Esq.

I liked your class 1 training videos. Good stuff here.  I would endorse them for new attorneys, or attorneys who are new to bankruptcy, as a tool to get some practical advice on nuts and bolts of the practice.
Rick West, West, Hurley, Malkiewicz
Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney
You deserve a laurel, and hardy praise for a good course!!
Robert E. Brien, J.D., AICP/CFLA
First Disabled VA Graduate
ddbb group LLC, 860-917-0639
I just returned from attending a one-on-one bankruptcy training for attorneys.  I am setting up my own office after several years doing 7s and 13s with law firms in Sacramento.

I was stunned by the fact that in this world you can get more than your money's worth.  There is no other.  Her personality exudes confidence.  She has so much experience that it spills out.  Yet, she tailors everything to you!  Bring your questions, ask her what you want.  You'll get it.  She does not direct you.  She can more than fill two days with practical steps for setting up the office, turning out petitions, and letting potential clients find you.  She is 100% committed to you.

I was not the same person on the plane home and the individual work has stayed with me.  Don't pass up having My Bankruptcy School train you and your staff!
Karen Fairchild, Esq.
We used My Bankruptcy School  to train our law firm in bankruptcy. She did an excellent job and really got us going. I recommend My Bankruptcy School  to anybody who wants to transition in or wants to jump start their bankruptcy practice.

  Suzie McKenzie, Student
My Bankruptcy School provides both excellent service as well as training for others looking to enter the Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant field. I would recommend  My Bankruptcy School to a client or colleague at any time.
Evan Fuller, The Fuller Law Firm
In addition to high integrity, creativity, and expertise, My Bankruptcy School is practical and supportive of the professionals that  assist and bring out the best in their staff.
Jim Porter, Bankruptcy Attorney, Castle Rock, Colorado
Rarely have I been as pleased with a business connection. My Bankruptcy Schools work ethic,  honest and reasonable approach to everything they do, as well as  incredible knowledge base make the association with a win-win situation for all involved. To say the least, it's a pleasure to do business with My Bankruptcy School.
Sharon Korchnak, Student
My Bankruptcy School has a great passion for their work. I learned things that I would never have been taught in paralegal school.
Joel Ghrigsby, Student, Blackstone Institute
My Bankruptcy School shows you the "in's" and "out's" of bankruptcy and will answer any and all questions clearly so that you will have a good understanding of how everything goes. They know it like a hawk also they are very strategic to the final objective. I don't feel you will find a better school.
Marshall Harrell, Bankruptcy Attorney
Victoria Ring is a knowledgeable, honest, capable, hardworking, individual who is able and willing to complete the task. She is the type of person who is able to pull the group together to complete the project.
Gary Converse, Manager of Mailbox and Services, Columbus OH
Victoria Ring reaches out to novices and professionals alike. She is a trendsetter in her objective to educate the public and also give her colleagues and protoges a leg up on best practices for building a profitable business. I particularly enjoyed her detailed training information which served to notify practitioners of common pitfalls when filing claims for new clients and providing interviewing techniques to ferret out the information necessary to avoid having to refile a petitioner's bankruptcy case.
Anne Haddox, Bankruptcy Claims Administrator
Legal Department, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC
I first became acquainted with Victoria Ring in 2005 and have always known her to be a very knowledgeable and compassionate leader and instructor whether she is teaching one hundred or five hundred. Victoria always works to bring out the best in each of her students so that they can succeed.
  Marleen Alexander-Greenleaf, Virtual Consultant
Victoria Ring has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bankruptcy. She is also a stellar business woman and very caring person. I would highly recommend her to any attorney or paralegal that is looking to start working in the area of bankruptcy. She is the expert!
Sheri Jo Bentschner, Litigation Paralegal, Davis Legal PLLC
I would recommend Victoria Ring's seminars to all attorneys and paralegals who need to enhance their knowledge and obtain services related to bankruptcy - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.
Rosie Barmakszian, Bankruptcy Attorney, Pasadena CA
Victoria is among the most energetic, knowledgeable and dynamic persons I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I would highly recommend her for any legal professional seeking assistance in the bankruptcy field. Victoria is of particular use to any attorney or paralegal new to bankruptcy that is seeking to get their business off the ground floor.
Robert Holzinger, Contract Paralegal
Victoria Ring is a person whom I am honored to have met. She is strong willed and independent and will go any distance that she can to help you in any situation that you may bring to her attention. She handles any and all situations in a very professional and respectable manner. She is a person that I would say would be a huge asset to anyone looking for an individual who upholds the highest degree of ethics and morals and responsibility.
Dana Hoffman, Judicial Watchdog, Itasca County District Court
Victoria is one of the hardest working people I know. She is energetic and full of passion for helping others. Her knowledge of bankruptcy is unsurpassed. She is an asset to project and her contributions save time and money.
Eric Duncan, Director of Legal Services, Alpha Paraprofessional Services
Victoria: Please allow me to express, I thank God for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise in this field of bankrutpcy and implementing great learning tools to help others increase their knowledge and gain a prominent skills that is NOT taught in law schools or paralegal schools. I am a living witness to this truth because I have a ASS degree in paralegal studies and have worked in the legal field for over 15 years and none of the material you have developed for training purposes were a part of my academic studies nor implemented in such great detail in the law firms I worked as a legal assistant for bankruptcy attorneys.

Note to Others: Though Victoria and I have never met, we have had plenty of email exchanges for about a year. I highly recommend Victoria because of her expertise in the field of bankruptcy. She is qualified not only to teach but to lead others in re-inventing themselves and seeking greater opportunities for expansion. It is my hope to meet her in person in the near future to thank her for the encouragement she has given to me. Wishing you the very best in all your endeavors!
Shirley L. Bobbitt, Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant
Veterans Administration Approves My Bankruptcy School

On October 6, 2010, the Department of Veterans Affairs in Denver, Colorado, approved the training provided online at My Bankruptcy School.Com under Vocational
Rehabilitation Chapter 31, Title 38.  Click here to download a sample form for veterans to use.
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